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Norwalk Legion Baseball


17-19U Senior Legion

What makes Norwalk Legion stand out:

  • Coaches Todd Lyons and Leon Fleming

  • Hands on college recruiting process

  • Recruiting videos

  • Player profiles for all ages

  • Prepare each player for high school/college baseball

  • Year by year player development profiles

  • New facility-(Norwalk)

  • 10-week Winter workouts with indoor scrimmages

  • Memberships available: discounted lessons, camps and clinics

  • Lessons given with video/analytical data

  • In season training/workouts

  • Off season training/workouts

  • Velocity program

  • Consistency with coaches and top instruction

  • Great communication

  • Fun playing/learning environment

  • Holiday parties and more

Norwalk Legion consists of a 5 week season and guarantees 24 games and playoffs. The season will start as soon as the high school season ends. The game schedule is as follows:

Monday- practice day or off day

Tuesday- 5:30pm game

Wednesday- 5:30pm game

Thursday- 5:30pm game

Friday- practice day or off day

Saturday- 10:00am and 12:00pm doubleheader

Sunday- 10:00am game


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